Daily Archives June 28, 2013

Energy Cycles Fachwen Hill Climb Result – 27.6.130

We’ve had gales and strong winds, we’ve had torrential rain and flooded roads. What next would the riders experience during our 2013 season? Well we’ve had it this week, hill fog, and boy did we get it!! The visibility was 25m at best above Dinorwig and thro’ to the finish. The roads were wet and traction was difficult on the steep sections of the climb. All round, the conditions the riders experienced made it an event for the Hard Men….

Once again I’d like to thank all the marshals for their valuable help, that at times was beyond the call of duty. I would also like to express my thanks, on behalf everyone who took part, to Tony Thomas of FHC who ensured that the gates were open, so that we could use the road up to the surge pond.

Position Name Club Actual Time
1 Iwan M...
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