Daily Archives September 23, 2013

Can Energy Cycles Club Help?0

The following request has made its way to me. If you think you may be able to help Terry out, please contact him at terwales13@hotmail.co.uk

My name is Terry Jones and I am a member of the Caernarfon Round Table, which is a world wife charity organisation. We raise money for local charity’s. The reason for my email is to ask you as a cycling club to help us. We are planning to cycle to Cardiff at the end of October (weather permitting) from Caernarfon Castle to Cardiff Castle and hoping to raise a large amount of cash. A few of us are ok cyclists but a majority of the group are beginners. What I’m asking you is, has your club have any surplus gear that your members do not use any more, such as cycling tops, gloves, short, coats hats even your club top and also spd shoes...

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