Daily Archives November 24, 2013

Basic Cycle Maintenance Class.0

I’ve been approached by a few people about the “how to maintain your bike at home, and make repairs to it whilst out on the road” classes. This would be things like; replacing brake and gear cables, indexing gears, checking for wear (bearings, chains and cassettes etc) fitting new chains and to the correct length, replacing brake pads, repairing punctures or replacing inner tubes, plus other handy hints to keep you going out there on the road should something unexpected happen.

I’ve spoken to Dewi Jones and he has offered an extra two hour evening session. This will be on Monday, 2nd December starting at 6.00pm in his workshop in Talysarn. The cost would be £10 per person. Please e-mail or see at the Thursday evening Turbo Session me if your interested.

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