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Some Club Information0

The Winter Turbo Training Sessions resume again on Thursday, 8th January at Canolfan Hamdden Arfon Leisure Centre in Caernarfon. We will have the large room (commonly know as the Karate Room) to use once again from 6.45 thro’ 8.15 pm, though access is available earlier.
The sessions will last approx. one hour, and will be an effective way to work specific metabolic systems, thus stimulating improvements in your fitness.
The Club has two spare turbo trainers to use. If you don’t have your own “turbo” and fancy coming along to see what TTS are all about, please let John know and he’ll reserve one for you.

Malcolm Summers has kindly given the Club  3 medium size, and 3 large size Hi Vis gilets from Gwynedd Council...

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Minutes of Club AGM, held on 10th November 20140

The following are the minutes of the Club AGM, held at The Galeri on 10th November 2014. Please read thro’ it all. If you feel that something has not been recorded or recorded incorrectly please let me know asap.

Energy Cycles Club 2014 AGM. 10th November at The Galeri, Caernarfon.

The reasons for an AGM. The Club holds an AGM each year to elect (or re-elect) officials representing the Club and its Members in different aspects of the sport. It is also an opportunity for the Members to discuss what we have achieved in 2014, and what they would like the Club to do for them and the local cycling community as a whole in the year ahead.


Apologies were received from the following members for not being able to attend:

Derek Sayer, David Chidley, Steph Duits, Tom Hutton, and Dyl...

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