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Energy Cycling Club’s Gwynedd Cycling Association 15 mile TT, 5th August 20150

Well another event on the Pontllyfni coast road that was dominated by talk of weather conditions.

Despite the rain holding off, the wind was blowing ferociously from the south (as opposed to off the sea as usual!!) and straight into faces of the competitors on the outward leg to Llanaelhaearn.

Despite the wind, 19 brave souls faced the time keeper for an exciting fight with the elements on this sporting course, and a fight it was. To quote some of the riders after the race “At times I was going less than 10mph on the way out, and over 40mph coming back!!”

This was a new course using a road well used for Energy Cycling Club time trials. It was going to be interesting to see what the fastest times would be in comparison to the “16” that was used for this GCA event in 2014.

With the likes of...

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