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Energy Cycling Club Nantgwynant Climb Results – 18.10.150

Thanks goes to Wayne Owen for organising the last EEC event of the 2015 season, and to Bethan Jones, Ruth Broderick, Shan Jones,  Dylan Griffiths, Gareth McGuinness, Huw Williams, Mathew Nottingham, and Darren Bohana who turned out to marshal, enabling the 27 brave people to have one final race of the season.

Thank you to all the riders who competed in our events during 2015, a record number  left the time keepers this year. Same again next year then?

ENERGY CYCLING CLUB Nantgwynant Hill Climb – Sunday 18 October 2015
Position Name Club Actual Time
1 Ben Butler CRM 13:59
2 Gerallt Roberts ECC 14:05
3 Kieran Wynne Cattanach (J) Team Elite 14:52
4 Huw Owen (Y) ECJRT 15:26
4 Tom Brazier Team Elite 15:26
6 Mike Morris NFTO Race 15:33
7 Jack Williams (J) ECJRT 15:52
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