Daily Archives January 9, 2016

Mon Arfon League 2015 – Results0

Each year Club members compete in a series of open time trial competitions organised by Holyhead Cycling Club, Clwb Rasio Mona and ourselves. During the 2015 season it was five events, of which four events counted for the overall awards.

In recent years riders from Energy Cycling Club has dominated this series, and once again the racing members within the Club haven’t disappointed. The Club’s riders have won “The Team” title again. The 2015 season saw some new faces come to the fore, and there’s been some shuffling of places at the top of the overall placing. The young up and coming members have shown what they are capable of, and will prove their worth in the coming years.

On behalf of the clubs involved and riders who took part, a huge “Thank You!” goes to Wendy and Will Owen who wor...

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