Daily Archives May 8, 2016

Energy Cycling Club’s Time Trial – Tuesday 10th May 20160

A quick reminder to everyone, that the first of the Energy Cycling Club’s open time trials is on Tuesday evening.

The event is being held on Aberdesach to Llanaelhaearn and back to Aberdesach course (D2/20).

Aberdesach - Llanaelhaearn - Aberdesach Course

Click photo for more route information 

The distance is 10 miles, and is the first in the club “Best All Rounder” competition, something new for club members in 2016. This is a part of a series of six time trial type events, including hill climbs and is open to all club members. Points will be awarded to riders based on their placings at the end of each event. At the end of the series the rider with the most points will be the BAR. As usual there are various categories up for grabs, for both male and female riders, and age groups from Juniors through to Super Vets...

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