Daily Archives May 10, 2016

Energy Cycling Club 10 mile Time Trial – 10.05.20160

Well it certainly wasn’t the nicest weather conditions we’d ever experienced on this sporting course from Aberdesach to Llanaelhaearn and back to Aberdesach. Light persistant rain created rivers of water across the carriageway, and pools gathered at the sides that created obstacles for fast moving fellows on skinny tyres. Despite this and a nagging breeze, a record number of riders for this course, turned out and rose to the challenge. From the more experienced riders like Energy Cycling Club’s Gareth McGuinness and Garry Ellis, and the rising youngsters Twm Bryn, Osian Craig, Huw Owen, Jack Williams, and Sion-Kelly Williams, to the eight members of Clwb Seiclo Madog who joined us for the evening...

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