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Reid gyda Pencampwyr / Ride with Champions0

Reid gyda Pencampwyr!

I ddathlu llwyddiant Gareth McGuinness ar ddod yn Bencampwr Prydeinig, a Garry Ellis ar ddod yn Bencampwr Cymreig, mae yna reid Clwb arbennig wedi ei drefnu Nos Fawrth nesaf. Cyfarfod ar Y Maes yn Nghaernarfon am 6pm, cychwyn 6.15pm a dychwelyd i Castell/Galeri i gymdeithasu ar y diwedd. Reid cymdeithasol addas i HOLL aelodau y clwb.
Gobeithio y gall nifer fawr o’r aelodau ddod i rannu yn y dathlu.😃
(Ni fydd Reid Clwb a drefnir gan Karl nos Fercher nesaf).

Ride With Champions!

To celebrate the success of Gareth McGuinness becoming British Champion, and Garry Ellis becoming Welsh Champion, a special ride has been organised next Tuesday evening. Meet on Y Maes in Caernarfon at 6pm for a 6.15 start and return to Castle or Galeri to socialise on the end...

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Energy Cycling Club, Snowdon Mountain Time Trial – 07.06.160

Well what an evening? A record number of riders signed on for this the fourth edition of the  Energy Cycling Club’s mountain time trial around the Snowdon massif, and quite a few new faces joined the more seasoned riders in the field. With a warm evening breeze, moderately high humidity, dry roads and the float conditions were near perfect for fast times, but would the man in great form, current course record holder, and British National Road Race Champion, Gareth McGuinness  be able improve on his time of 1 hour, 15 minutes and 14 seconds?

This race isn’t for the pure testers, its more for the all round “roadmen” on this anything but an easy course. Tough repetitive climbing, technically demanding, nerve shedding, white knuckle descents...

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