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Just a quick call to arms. This year we as a Club are organizing seven road events, not a bad number for a Club of our size (47 paid up members to date). Last year when I was organizing events for the first time, I came up against the age old problem in getting people to volunteer and help marshal road events on behalf of the Club. Here I am again in 2011 putting the same request for volunteers. Listed below are the dates,events,start location and the number of marshals required to run the event. Please take a look at the list and come back to me on or before 17th April with which event(s) you can help out at.

Your time will be appreciated, as without your help and as discussed at the recent AGM, if we all do not take turns with volunteering to marshal at these events, then they will not be run!

12th May     Mon Arfon League 10 mile TT     Aberdesach @ 7.00pm   5 marshals req’d.

19th May     Energy Cycles 23 mile TT          Llanfair @ 7.00pm         6 marshals req’d.

1st June      GCA 20 mile TT                        Aberdesach @ 7.00pm  7 marshals req’d.

19th June    Energy Cycles 23 mile TT           Llanfair @ 10.30am       6 marshals req’d.

23rd June    Mon Arfon 8 mile TT                  Aberdesach @ 7.00pm   5 marshals req’d.

21st July     ECC Summer Hill Climb               Trevor @ 7.00pm          4 marshals req’d.

11th Sept   ECC Two Stage Hill Climbs

                 Drws y Coed @ 10.30am and Groeslon @ 12.00 noon   6 marshals in total req’d.
Please don’t leave this request until the last moment, choose your date early to avoid disappointment…….


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