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Energy Cycles 10 mile MA League TT Result – 08.05.140

Yet another tough evening was in store for those who rode this evenings sporting course (Aberdesach/Llanaelhaearn/Aberdesach). Despite the sun making a welcome appearance, the breezy conditions weren’t going to give fast times, though all the riders (a record number for this course) rose to the challenge. Energy Cycles man of the moment, Gareth McGuiness proving his class by more than a minute from fellow Club mate and new member Dylan Griffiths in second place, and Clwb Rasio Mona’s Gerallt Roberts third. Fastest Veteran was Holyhead Cycling Club’s Aled Williams, Fastest Junior was Energy Cycles Gwydion Roberts, and Jack Williams of Energy Cycles the quickest Youth Rider.

A well deserved pat on the back goes to both Gwynfor Williams and Huw Owen who rode their first time trials this eveni...

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Mon Arfon League 10 mile Time Trial Results- 17.04.140


 1 Gary Ellis ECC 21m 57s
 2 Gareth McGuinness ECC 22m 07s
 3 Gareth Blackshaw HCC 22m 43s
 4 Alun Williams ECC 22m 50s
 5 Aled Williams HCC 23m 03s
 6 Gerallt Roberts CRM 23m 15s
 7 Steve Matthews HCC 23m 21s
 8 Dylan Griffiths ECC 23m 22s
 9 Gareth Hind CRM 23m 31s
 10 Matthew Nottingham ECC 23m 38s
 11 Wayne Owen ECC 24m 21s
 12 Arthur Thomas HCC 24m 40s
 13 Hywel Jones HCC 25m 29s
 14 Tony Jones CRM 26m 07s
 15 Alwyn Parry CRM 26m 14s
 16 Jasmine Sharp HCC 26m 47s
 17 Rob Fogg ECC 29m 41s
 18 Gwenno Hughes HCC 29m 47s
 19 Derek Sayer ECC 33m 09s (Puncture)


Fantastic result gentlemen!! Next event in The League series is Clwb Rasio Mona’s 10 mile TT at Llanfairpwll next Tuesday, start time 6.30pm.

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Energy Cycles 2 Stage Hill Climb Results – 22.9.130

This was the first time the Club had used these climbs, one perhaps a little more familiar to the riders than the other, but both proving testing on the day. Perfect conditions greeted the riders and despite some riders suffering from “The Lurg”, all rose to the challenges that lay ahead.

Once again Dan Evans of 4 Star Racing Team took the honours in both stages and the overall. Energy Cycles “man on form”, Garry Ellis took third overall and best 40+ honours. Clwb Beicio Dwyfors, Gwydion Roberts took first in the junior’s competition, with Jack Williams of Energy Cycles Club taking the prize for second. Congratulations to all who took part and thank you for coming out and competing once again. See you all again next year…..

Again I would like thank those Club members (Dafydd, Huw, Karl,...

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Energy Cycles Fachwen Hill Climb Result – 8.9.130

This was the second edition of our Fachwen Hill Climb up to the surge pond at Marchlyn. And despite the cool showery conditions, Dan Evans of the 4 Star Racing Team stormed to victory and sliced a whopping 2 mins. 10 secs. off the time set by Iwan Morton back in June. I have a feeling that this time may stand for a while, though someone out there may just prove me wrong.

Once again I’d like to thank all the marshals (Caren & Dafydd Ellis, Derek Sayer, Gwynfor Williams, Ian Roberts, Llion Williams, Mike Le Bon, and John (?) who turned up to ride, decided not to, volunteered to marshal and was last seen riding up to Marchlyn!!) for their valuable help on what turned out to be a cool Sunday morning!

I would also like to express my thanks, on behalf everyone who took part, to Tony Thomas...

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Final Overall Results Gwynedd Cycling Association 20130

Well then, another fantastic result for the Club. Overall winners of the GCA’s Inter Club competition. And overall winner and third place overall for Gareth McGuinness and Garry Ellis in the Individual competition. Alun Williams took first place overall in the Veterans competition (can’t believe that, he doesn’t look old enough to be a Vet!!), and fourth overall in the Individual competition.

Other members of the Club rode well and consistently all season, with Wayne Owen claiming sixth, Mathew Nottingham in eighth place and young Derek Sayer was eleventh overall in the Individual competition. Well done and congratulations to all of you on your performances this season.

Once again we should not forget those who put this competition together on behalf of the racing cyclists in Gwynedd...

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Final Overall Results Mon Arfon League 20130

The totting up has been done and the final overall results are in for this years MA League. Once again Energy Cycles Club has won the Club Competition, and young Gareth McGuiness has won the top prize for best individual rider. Please take a look at the competition details on the Clwb Rasio Mona site below,

On behalf of myself and all the riders from Energy Cycles Club, I would like to thank Wendy and Will Owen of Clwb Rasio Mona for the work they have both put in during this season, compiling the results and publishing them after each event.

A quick reminder that next Sunday, 8th September, the Club will be organising the Fachwen Hill Climb. The meeting/signing on place will be at The Caban in Brynrefail from 9...

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Energy Cycles 10 mile MA League TT Result – 29.8.130

A tough evening was in store for those who rode this evenings sporting course (Aberdesach/Llanaelhaearn/Aberdesach). The breezy conditions weren’t going to give fast times, and most of the riders times were slower than when we held the first event on this course, back in June this year. However there are always exceptions, and this evening it was to be Garry Ellis. With a whopping 51 second improvement on his previous ride on this course and only 17 seconds short of the course record, Garry was the worthy winner.

Thanks to all those who rode this evening, particularly those who travelled some distance to compete, I hope to see you all again soon.

Once again I would like thank Caren, Ruth, Llion and new Club member Dafydd for assisting with marshalling...

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Energy Cycles 10 mile MA League TT Result – 1.8.130

Well we were in for a suprise. We had no howling wind, pouring rain or midge to try and spoil the evening. It was warm (very!), dry, and sunny. The conditions allowed for fast times. From the records I have, the time that Gareth McGuiness set for this course (Aberdesach/Llanwnda/Aberdesach) is now the new course record. Well done to all those who made the effort to come and do a ride, I hope you’re chuffed with the results.

Once again I would like thank Ruth, Caren and Llion for assisting with marshaling. Without you, we’d not have been able to hold the event. Cheers!!

Position Name Club Actual Time
1 Gareth McGuiness ECC 0:21:17
2 Garry Ellis ECC 0:21:45
3 Alun William ECC 0:22:27
4 Gafyn Jones HCC 0:23:08
5 Steven Pritchard CRM 0:23:17
6 Euros Jones CRM 0:23:2...
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Energy Cycles Fachwen Hill Climb Result – 27.6.130

We’ve had gales and strong winds, we’ve had torrential rain and flooded roads. What next would the riders experience during our 2013 season? Well we’ve had it this week, hill fog, and boy did we get it!! The visibility was 25m at best above Dinorwig and thro’ to the finish. The roads were wet and traction was difficult on the steep sections of the climb. All round, the conditions the riders experienced made it an event for the Hard Men….

Once again I’d like to thank all the marshals for their valuable help, that at times was beyond the call of duty. I would also like to express my thanks, on behalf everyone who took part, to Tony Thomas of FHC who ensured that the gates were open, so that we could use the road up to the surge pond.

Position Name Club Actual Time
1 Iwan M...
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Energy Cycles 10 mile GCA TT Result – 20.6.130

Another evening of inclement weather was dished out on the riders. Twenty hardy souls tested themselves against the clock and the weather, and no one escaped the weather!! This was the first ’10’ on this course (Aberdesach/Llanaelhaearn/Aberdesach) and so Justin McIlveens’ time is the course record at the moment. Congratulations to all the category winners, and well done all who rode this sporting course.

I would like thank Caren, Ruth, John Lloyd and Geraint for assisting with marshaling, in conditions that at times were a little demanding. Without you, we’d not have been able to hold the event. Cheers!!

 Position Name  Club  Veteran  Time Points
1 Justin McIlveen RoS V 00:22:41 60
2 Gareth McGuiness ECC V 00:23:00 59
3 Mark Colclough RoS 00:23:40 5...
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