Club Kit 20140

For those members who may still require Club kit, listed below are the items that remain from the 2014 order.

Bib Shorts (L) 1, (XL) 1, (XXL) 2 off.

Long Sleeve Winter Jersey (S) 1, (XL) 1 off.

Long Sleeve Summer Jersey (XL) 1 off.

Yellow Winter Jacket (L) 1 off.

Thermal Gillet (L) 1 off.

Short Sleeve Jerseys (XXS) 1 off. This is a top that was used once. Washed and un-marked. Reduced!!

Time Trial Shoe Covers (M) 2, (L) 2 off.

Track Mitts/Finger-Less Gloves. (XL) 2, (XXL) 2 off.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me on and I’ll send you the prices, where you can try them on and collect them from.



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