Club Kit…..and things0

If you would still like to place an order with me for Club kit (the next order will not be placed with the supplier till January 2014) then please send your order form and money to me by return.

A reminder to all those who have yet to pay their Club sub for 2013. If you would please send your dosh to Derek Sayer (please see my e-mail dated 10th March 2013 for details) as it is now well passed the acceptable date for your subs to be paid.

Garry Ellis is organising a mid week “recovery” ride from Penygroes. The ride will start from outside the sports centre (on the B4418 out of Penygroes to Rhyd Ddu) at 6.00pm on Wednesday. The route etc will be decided at the sports centre each week. I hope to see you there…….

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