Club Kit, May 20150

This is an update (20th May) on the Club kit that’s available. All items are on a first come basis. If you are interested in any of the following please contact me.

Bib Shorts (XL)2, (XXL)2 off. £42 each
Short Sleeve Jerseys (L)1 off. £35
Gilets (S)2, (M)1 off. £37 each
Long Sleeve Summer Jersey (XL)1 off. £38
Long Sleeve Jersey (S)2, (M)1 off. £44 each
Long Sleeve Winter Jackets (S)2, (M)1, (L)2 off. £65 each

Bib Shorts(S) 2, (L) 1, (XL) 2, (XXL) 2 (XXL) 1 off £42 each
Short Sleeve Jerseys (L) 3, (XXL) 1 off. £38.50
Arm Warmers (M) 2, (XL) 1 off. £14 a pair
Club socks, various sizes – many, many, pairs!!!! £7 a pair

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the above items, and we’ll arrange for you to have them…….

Any Club members who ordered kit and have yet to collect it, can come to the MA League 10 mile time trial at Aberdesach on Thursday 21st May from 6.15pm, and collect from me there…..

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