Club Things, March 20140

Gee, we’re in March already!! The weather is trying to improve, though the first weekend of March hasn’t been the driest. Yet I see more and more riders out training, riding and generally enjoying their sport, I even know some of them! Long may cycling continue to grow.

The March edition of the “Cycling Events Calendar” has been sent to your e-mail accounts, and includes more events to wet your appetites. If you are aware of any events that you feel should be included, please let me know and they will be included in the April edition.

The Club 2014 kit order has been placed with the supplier and should be with us week commencing 7th April. If you didn’t put a request in for kit and suddenly thought you actually needed something, additional pieces have been ordered. There may be something there you need, I’ll let you know once the kit arrives. Also ordered were pairs of Coolmax socks, in the Club colours, with the Club name and logo on them. They come in four sizes and will be £6.50 per pair. You will be able to purchase these once they arrive.

Club member Geraint E Jones continues to recover from the injuries he sustained in a cycling accident at the beginning of February. He has swung his legs over the saddle a couple of times, and continues to rebuild his strength and fitness. He passed me on Saturday as if he had the wind behind him, in fact he was ridding into a southerly head wind!! I’m sure we’ll see more of him soon, so to speak!

As some of you will be aware, four of the junior guys went over to the Marsh Tracks in February for a selection trial to join the Marsh Tracks Race Team, which is part of the development process for Welsh Cycling, and ultimately British Cycling. The weather conditions on the day were far from perfect for bunch riding, yet the lads proved their worth and turned heads for all the right reasons. At the moment they are waiting to hear if they have been selected to begin quite an adventure. Watch this space.

The Club is holding a “Bring & Buy” sale at the Beacon Climbing Center on Thursday 20th March, starting at 8.00 pm. The sale will take place in the upstairs room were the Turbo Training Sessions are held. The idea is for members to bring clothing, bike components, wheels, frames or even complete bikes that they would like to sell. There is no charge involved. The sales will be between individuals, and the Club has no financial benefit from any sales.  Please have a look, you may be surprised at what you may have to sell.

And finally. The Club has past a mile stone in February, we now have  over 70 members. A warm welcome to Gwyn Arfon Williams, Gerwyn Williams. And also to Gwydion Roberts and Robin Whiteside Thomas who are the latest junior members to join our ranks. Please make them all feel welcome and at home in our ever developing Club.

Thank you to all who joined Energy Cycles Club over the last twelve months, and to those members who have rejoined us once again for what looks like being a very exciting year ahead.

Till next time…….

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