Energy Cycles 10 mile MA League TT Result – 08.05.140

Yet another tough evening was in store for those who rode this evenings sporting course (Aberdesach/Llanaelhaearn/Aberdesach). Despite the sun making a welcome appearance, the breezy conditions weren’t going to give fast times, though all the riders (a record number for this course) rose to the challenge. Energy Cycles man of the moment, Gareth McGuiness proving his class by more than a minute from fellow Club mate and new member Dylan Griffiths in second place, and Clwb Rasio Mona’s Gerallt Roberts third. Fastest Veteran was Holyhead Cycling Club’s Aled Williams, Fastest Junior was Energy Cycles Gwydion Roberts, and Jack Williams of Energy Cycles the quickest Youth Rider.

A well deserved pat on the back goes to both Gwynfor Williams and Huw Owen who rode their first time trials this evening, and putting down very respectable times. Well done Gentlemen.

Thanks to all who rode and those who came to support the riders this evening, particularly those who had traveled some distance to compete, I hope to see you all again soon.

Again I would like thank  Dafydd, Dave, John, Tony and Ruth for assisting with marshaling. Without you, we’d not have been able to hold the event. Cheers from all who took part this evening.

Position Name Club Actual Time
1 Gareth McGuiness ECC 0:23:06
2 Dylan Griffiths ECC 0:24:36
3 Gerallt Roberts CRM 0:25:02
4 Gareth Blackshaw HCC 0:25:08
5 Aled Williams HCC 0:25:18
6 Euros Jones CRM 0:25:29
7 Iwan Parry CRM 0:25:38
8 Alun Williams ECC 0:25:39
8 Mathew Nottingham ECC 0:25:39
10 Gwydion Roberts ECC 0:25:45
11 Wayne Owen ECC 0:26:09
12 Jody McEacherin HCC 0:27:20
13 Jack Gibbon CRM 0:27:28
14 Steffan Jones DCC 0:27:41
15 Jack Williams ECC 0:27:58
16 Caron Rees Jones DCC 0:28:16
17 Dafydd Hughes ECC 0:28:19
18 Gwynfor Williams ECC 0:28:21
19 John Williams ECC 0:29:03
20 Alwyn Parry CRM 0:29:10
21 Huw Owen ECC 0:29:17
22 Jamie Holding ECC 0:29:32
23 Robert Fogg ECC 0:32:20
24 Ann Williams DCC 0:34:13
25 Arthur Thomas HCC DNS

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