Energy Cycles 10 mile MA League TT Result – 1.8.130

Well we were in for a suprise. We had no howling wind, pouring rain or midge to try and spoil the evening. It was warm (very!), dry, and sunny. The conditions allowed for fast times. From the records I have, the time that Gareth McGuiness set for this course (Aberdesach/Llanwnda/Aberdesach) is now the new course record. Well done to all those who made the effort to come and do a ride, I hope you’re chuffed with the results.

Once again I would like thank Ruth, Caren and Llion for assisting with marshaling. Without you, we’d not have been able to hold the event. Cheers!!


Position Name Club Actual Time
1 Gareth McGuiness ECC 0:21:17
2 Garry Ellis ECC 0:21:45
3 Alun William ECC 0:22:27
4 Gafyn Jones HCC 0:23:08
5 Steven Pritchard CRM 0:23:17
6 Euros Jones CRM 0:23:20
7 Mathew Nottingham ECC 0:23:21
8 Wayne Owen ECC 0:23:29
9 Dave Hughes CRM 0:24:09
10 Gwydion Roberts CCD 0:24:29
11 John Williams ECC 0:25:00
12 Jonathan Tyler HCC 0:25:17
13 Mike Le Bon ECC 0:25:30
14 Derek Sayer ECC 0:25:43
15 Delme Davies CRM 0:25:43
16 Huw Parry CRM 0:26:21

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