Energy Cycling Club 10 mile MA League TT Result – 21.05.150

Well what an evening? A record number of riders for an Energy Cycling Club event signed on for the third round of the Mon Arfon League this evening. 35 in total!! And quite a few of these riders had not competed in a time trial before, a very encouraging sign for the future.

Cloudy and blustery conditions greeted the riders, it wasn’t going to be a fast evening of time trialing. But the roads remained dry throughout. Coming into fine form ahead of the British National Road Race Championships next month, Gareth McGuinness romped home to take first place, though nearly a minute slower than his course record. Fastest Vet on the night was Garry Ellis (and 3rd overall). Fastest Super  Vet was Gwynfor Wiliams. Fastest Junior was Jack Williams. Fastest Youth rider was Twm Bryn Jones. And the fastest Lady on the night was Gwenno Hughes.

Thanks to all who rode and those who came to support the riders this evening, particularly those who had traveled some distance to compete, I hope to see you all again at the next Energy Cycling Club/ Mon Arfon League 10 mile TT, on Tuesday 2nd June.

Again I would like thank  Huw, Alun, Bryn, Glenn, John, Huw Bach and Ruth for assisting with marshaling. Without you, we’d not have been able to hold the event. Cheers from all who took part this evening.

Position Name Club Actual Time
1 Gareth McGuinness ECC 0:22:06
2 Gerallt Roberts ECC 0:22:16
3 Garry Ellis ECC 0:22:25
4 Steve Matthews HCC 0:23:07
5 Dylan Griffiths ECC 0:23:09
6 Mathew Nottingham ECC 0:23:20
7 Euros Jones CRM 0:23:23
8 Steffan Jones CBD 0:23:46
9 Caron Rees Jones CBD 0:24:00
10 Dafydd Hughes ECC 0:24:03
11 Jack Williams ECC 0:24:11
12 Wayne Owen ECC 0:24:12
13 Gafyn Jones HCC 0:24:26
14 Delme Davies ECC 0:24:50
15 Ian Huband HCC 0:25:08
16 Carwyn Morris ECC 0:25:21
17 Darren Bohana ECC 0:25:27
18 Mitch Russell ECC 0:25:29
19 Gwyn Arfon Williams ECC 0:25:30
20 Gwynfor Williams ECC 0:25:41
21 William Jones CBD 0:25:45
22 Osian Craig ECC 0:25:50
23 John Williams ECC 0:25:54
24 Hedd Roberts CSM 0:26:26
25 Rob Fogg ECC 0:26:44
25 Karl Wayne Jones ECC 0:26:44
27 Steven Jones HCC 0:26:53
28 Twm Bryn Jones ECC 0:26:55
29 Gwenno Hughes ECC 0:27:34
30 Sion Kelly Williams HCC 0:27:36
31 Mathew Butler ECC 0:27:53
32 Jamie Holding ECC 0:28:03
33 Brian Lloyd CBD 0:28:10
34 Cadi Wyn Jones ECC 0:28:44
35 Dylan Davies CBD 0:28:50

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