Energy Cycles’ Christmas Party 20140

The ‘Xmas Do’ will be held at the Caernarfon Golf Club on Saturday December 6th – ‘kick-off’ at 7.00 p.m. so keep this date clear in your diaries / calendars!

A Christmas Buffet will be on offer at £12.00 per head which is an excellent price fair play to the Golf Club’s generosity. Anyone who has had any connection with the Golf Club will understand and know that the standard of catering there is second-to-none. Please put your names down quickly as the first 100 will be given priority.

There will also be a disco – specially requested by John Keightley, and the cost of this is included in the ticket price.

Also, in discussion with John Keightley last night, he kindly suggested that it would not be a bad idea to publicise the event on the Club’s website so that all the members have access to information relating to it. Thanks John, it makes sense. He also suggested that the turbo sessions venue would be a good focal point for collecting names and monies as well when they start in November, so thanks again John.

Anyone else who needs to put their names down or needs further information regarding the event please don’t hesitate to call me on on: 07855272118.

Please look out for further information on the Club’s Website relating to the Christmas Party. John will be posting information as things develop. I believe that he will be putting a list of the names of people who want to attend and who have paid etc. on the website, so that everyone has a good idea who and how many people will be attending. This will also allow me to advise the Golf Club how many will be attending beforehand.

The ball is rolling so please put your names down and make it a memorable night. You’ve trained hard, raced hard, now you need to play hard! You all deserve it. The Club is growing and we need to be one big happy family going in the same direction, and that’s forward! So come on folks, make it happen! John Keightley in particular can’t wait to put his old disco shoes on! Now you wouldn’t want to miss that would you!

Chris Evans


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