Energy Cycling Club 10 mile Time Trial – 10.05.20160

Well it certainly wasn’t the nicest weather conditions we’d ever experienced on this sporting course from Aberdesach to Llanaelhaearn and back to Aberdesach. Light persistant rain created rivers of water across the carriageway, and pools gathered at the sides that created obstacles for fast moving fellows on skinny tyres. Despite this and a nagging breeze, a record number of riders for this course, turned out and rose to the challenge. From the more experienced riders like Energy Cycling Club’s Gareth McGuinness and Garry Ellis, and the rising youngsters Twm Bryn, Osian Craig, Huw Owen, Jack Williams, and Sion-Kelly Williams, to the eight members of Clwb Seiclo Madog who joined us for the evening. Once again Gareth proved the fastest, and only ten seconds shy of Garry Ellis’s record set  two years ago. Jack Williams improved the juniors record by 34 seconds, and Twm Bryn took 30 seconds off the youth record for this course.

A well deserved pat on the back goes to you all for making the effort to compete this evening. Well done Gentlemen!!

Thanks to all who rode and those who came to support the riders this evening, and particularly those who had traveled some distance to compete, I hope to see you all again at our mountain time trial on 7th June, or at the two criteriums at Ty Croes on 19th May and 2nd June.

As always I would like to thank the guys and girl who turned out and enthusiastically marshalled the event in pretty poor weather. Thanks goes to Huw Williams who sheltered me from the rain with one wopping umbrella, to Rob Fogg for being a superb “pusher off” once again, to Dave Owen for erecting the signage around the start area, to Bryn Williams, Llion Williams and young John Williams for doing a sterling job at the Llanaelhaearn roundabout. And finally to Ruth for doing just about everything else during the evening. THANK YOU from all who took part this evening.

Till next time…….


Position Name Category Club Time
1 Gareth McGuinness V ECC 23:08 1st
2 Jack Williams J ECJRT 23:40 2nd
3 Garry Ellis V ECC 23:53 3rd
4 Huw Owen J ECJRT 24:09 1st Junior
5 Dave Williams V CRM 24:34 1st Vet
6 Alun Williams V ECC 24:35 2nd Vet
7 Steffan Jones V ECC 24:39 3rd Vet
8 Dafydd R Hughes S ECC 24:55
8 Caron Rees Jones S CBD 24:55
10 Darren Bohana S ECC 25:55
11 Rhys Rowlands S CSM 26:04
12 Paul Griffith V ECC 26:12
13 Glenn Manifold S ECC 26:14
14 Twm Bryn Y ECJRT 26:25 1st Youth
15 Sion-Kelly Williams J ECC 26:26 2nd Junior
16 Jason Clarke V CSM 27:19
17 Dilwyn Davies V ECC 27:23
18 Osian Craig S ECC 27:46
19 Kevin Evans V CSM 27:51
20 Mark Rigby SV CSM 27:59 1st Super Vet
21 Dylan Roberts V CSM 28:11
22 Ray Forster SV CSM 28:41 2nd Super Vet
23 Gareth Williams V n/a 28:57
24 Meurig Rowlands V CSM 29:04
25 Andrew Craig V ECC 29:17
26 John Rhys Owen V n/a 29:31
27 Paul Jones V CSM 32:31

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