Energy Cycling Club, Snowdon Mountain Time Trial – 07.06.160

Well what an evening? A record number of riders signed on for this the fourth edition of the  Energy Cycling Club’s mountain time trial around the Snowdon massif, and quite a few new faces joined the more seasoned riders in the field. With a warm evening breeze, moderately high humidity, dry roads and the float conditions were near perfect for fast times, but would the man in great form, current course record holder, and British National Road Race Champion, Gareth McGuinness  be able improve on his time of 1 hour, 15 minutes and 14 seconds?

This race isn’t for the pure testers, its more for the all round “roadmen” on this anything but an easy course. Tough repetitive climbing, technically demanding, nerve shedding, white knuckle descents. And roads that vary from A class to B class, and narrow twisting mountain passes. Not for the faint hearted.

First indications of possible fast times, came when Energy’s very own flying vet. Alun Williams came home in 1 hour, 22 minutes and 7 seconds, to go top of the leader board. A short time later, and Clwb Beicio Dwyfor member Caron Jones posted a time of 1 hour, 22 minutes and 41 seconds, an impressive improvement on his last years time by 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

Riders were coming home thick and fast, when Junior Road Team member, Huw Owen cruised past the timekeeper to record an impressive time of  1 hour, 21 minutes and 8 seconds for his first attempt at this course, and go to the top of the leader board for the next quarter of an hour. A short time later another man on great form at present, Steffan Jones romped home in 1 hour, 21 minutes and 50 seconds. A time that eventually gave Steffan the prize for Fastest Veteran, and 4th overall.

As the later riders began to appear, things really started to hot up. Recently crowned Welsh National Junior 25 mile Time Trial Champion, and current white jersey holder in the North Wales Road Race Series, Jack Williams screamed passed the timekeeper to record an new junior record of 1 hour, 17 minutes and 46 seconds. Close friends and competition rivals Darren Bohana and Mitch Russell flew through the finish 18 seconds apart on the road, but Mitch took 6th overall from Darren by just over a minute. The question now was what was The McG going do? And as ever he didn’t disappoint those waiting at the finish. Though close to his course record, Gareth didn’t quite get there in time to break it, but still putting enough power through his pedals to take First Overall in 1 hour, 16 minutes and 57 seconds. And just 49 seconds ahead of junior rider Jack Williams.

Unfortunately, I’ve received a complaint form a member of the public who was descending Nant Gwynant during the event. The rider claims that a participant was riding on the wrong side of the road within 1 metre of the hedge, leaving a narrow dangerous gap for the descending cyclist to pass. A incident leading from such riding could result in our iconic course being taken out of use in future.  Please race with care in future…..

As you are well aware, we needed 11 marshals and helpers to enable the event to take place. On behalf of all the riders and myself, I’d like to thank Garry Ellis for pulling together a very capable group of men and women. Thanks goes to Ruth, Caren and Garry Ellis, Andrew Craig, Huw Williams, Llion Williams, John Williams, Luigi Baccerini, Rob Fogg, and last but not least Tony Bohana.

Well done and congratulations to all the riders who took part in this appealing modern classic. Without your support,energy and enthusiasm to ride such events, they would not be held, and in such stunning locations. Since I began organising the time trials on behalf of the club way back in 2010, the enthusiasm of the riders has grown in leaps and bounds. When I first started, all I wanted was people to race and enjoy the experience, but my main concern was whether anyone would turn up. Those first races had a start sheet that ran into single figures. Those races would start at 7.00 pm and be over by 7.45, and I’d be home in Nebo by 8.15 pm!! Each year the entrance numbers have grown, with new faces appearing on the start line, old faces making tentative comebacks, along with the eager regulars. In 2015 we saw more young riders both from our own club and other local clubs taking part in these races. We also saw our races regularly field 35 plus riders. Each rider raring to go, whether it was to improve on their previous best time over the given distance, to beat their best mate and training partner, or set a time that puts their name on the top of the result sheet. All good healthy competition.

Many people over recent years have credited me with the increased popularity of our races, but its not wholly true. Previous members of the club laid the foundations of what we see today.  Club members have come up with some great ideas for potential courses. There is a crew (sometimes quite a large crew) who turn out at each race and give their time to marshal. It is Garry who pulls these people together. There are guys who assist in erecting and dismantling the signs. Ruth who checks and double checks my results, and helps me with the publication process. I would like to thank the many people who have helped me over the last six and a half seasons. Your help has truly been appreciated by myself and the riders on each and every occasion you were out there. Thank You!!

It is time for me to step down as the clubs time trial secretary. Bryn Williams has stepped in to take over this very important position in the club. Bryn will make mistakes (we all do) please bare with him, and give him the chance that you gave me.

Position Name Category Club Actual Time Prize
1 Gareth McGuinness V ECC 01:16:57 1st
2 Jack Williams J ECRJT 01:17:46 2nd
3 Huw Owen J ECRJT 01:21:08 3rd
4 Steffan Jones V ECC 01:21:50 1st Vet
5 Alun Williams V ECC 01:22:07 2nd Vet
6 Mitch Russell ECC 01:22:20
7 Caron Jones CBD 01:22:41
8 Darren Bohana ECC 01:23:38
9 Dafydd Hughes ECC 01:25:30
10 Arwel Williams ECC 01:25:39
11 Wayne Owen V ECC 01:26:04 3rd Vet
12 Bryn Williams V ECC 01:26:24
13 Rhys Rowlands CSM 01:27:09
14 Dylan Williams ECC 01:27:25
15 Sion-Kelly Williams J ECC 01:28:24 1st Junior
16 Paul Griffith V ECC 01:29:40
17 Elgan Rowlands ECC 01:30:58
18 Mathew Butler J ECC 01:31:53 2nd Junior
19 Kevin Evans V CSM 01:31:59
20 Jason Clarke V CSM 01:32:19
21 Osian Craig J ECC 01:32:29 3rd Junior
22 Sion McGuinness n/a 01:34:18
23 Iestyn O’Neill V CSM 01:39:54
24 John Lloyd Williams SV ECC 01:42:37 1st Super Vet
25 Paul Jones V CSM 01:47:15




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