Energy Cycling Club, Snowdon Mountain TT Results – 09.07.150

The decision to change the day of this years mountain time trial proved to a wise move, and we were blessed near perfect conditions for this potentially novo classic time trial around the Snowdon massif. The stunning conditions perhaps tempted a few more riders than usual to test themselves on this demanding circuit, riders who’s experience varied from the near novice, to the most experienced road men and testers.

Potentially it was going to be an exciting evening of racing, with races with in the race taking place. Were records going to be broken, were scalps taken, or were we going to a new champion of the circuit, only time would tell.

It soon became obvious that fast times were going to be set when early starter, Jack Williams of the Junior Road Team flew past the time keeper with a very impressive time for any rider, let alone 16 years of age, a newbie to this race and almost catching his dad, Alun for five minutes. Most of those riders who had competed in the previous additions of this race were taking a minute or more off their previous best times, however the most impressive was the Clubs very own Gerallt Roberts who sliced an incredible 3 minutes and 5 seconds of his previous best, that was set last year. Was it good enough to take first? It wouldn’t be long before the waiting supporters would find out, as Gareth McGuinness sped down the road to a new record time of 1 hour, 15 minutes and 14 seconds ( the previous record being 1 hour, 16 minutes and 28 seconds). Just 16 seconds quicker than Gerallt.

Overall Position Name Club Actual Time Prize
1 Gareth McGuinness ECC 01:15:14 1st Overall
2 Gerallt Roberts ECC 01:15:30 2nd Overall
3 Garry Ellis ECC 01:16:24 3rd/ 1st Vet
4 Jack Williams ECC 01:19:41 1st Under 23
5 Kieran Wynne-Cattanach RoS 01:21:22 2nd Under 23
6 Alun Williams ECC 01:23:26 2nd Vet
7 Mike Morris NFTO RC 01:23:31
8 Steffan Jones CBD 01:24:21 3rd Vet
9 Iwan Parry CRM 01:25:28
10 Caron Jones CBD 01:26:06
11 Gafyn Jones HCC 01:26:57
12 Ben Haynes CSM 01:27:21 3rd Under 23
13 Dafydd Richard Hughes ECC 01:27:33
14 Wayne Owen ECC 01:28:16
15 Bryn Williams ECC 01:28:27
16 Dilwyn Davies ECC 01:28:31
17 Hedd Roberts CSM 01:29:00
18 John Foden Shroff NFTO RC 01:30:11
19 Peter Barton CSM 01:31:47
20 Sion Ellis ECC 01:34:00
21 Dafydd Evans RoS 01:35:05
22 Glenn Manifold ECC 01:36:55
23 Robb Fogg ECC 01:43:23
24 Debbie Jones N/A 01:54:59 1st Woman

I’d like to thank all the riders for participating, some of whom had travelled quite a distance to test themselves, a very  encouraging turnout indeed. I hope that you are all pleased with your efforts, and it was well worth the trip.

I would also like to thank  Jane Hughes of Beddgelert Woodcraft,  Jill and Alun Hughes of The Tanronnan Inn,  Gethin Dwyfor of DJ’s Fruit and Veg, and to Sheila Johnson-Porter of Beddgelert Tea Rooms for kindly donating the winners prizes. And to Gerwyn Williams for providing us with some superb trophies. 

As you are well aware, we needed 11 marshals and helpers to enable the event to take place. On behalf of all the riders and myself, I’d like to thank Garry Ellis for pulling together a very capable group of men and women. Thanks goes to Ruth, Caren Ellis, Dafydd Ellis, Tony Bohana, Mike Lebon, Huw Williams, Llion Williams, Mathew Nottingham, Geraint Jones, and last but not least  Aled Edwards . I would also like to thank the Marshals for taking charge of their positions and guiding the riders safely round the course, good effort people!!

If the rider who left at the start a white velotec drinks bottle with a blue lid  would like it back, please contact John.


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