Energy Cycling Club’s circuit race at Track Mon – 18.08.150

This was the second of two superb races held on the purpose made motor race circuit at Ty Croes, organised by the Club’s very own Wayne Owen. And once again an exciting evenings racing was anticipated by the spectators and the competing riders. And the riders didn’t disappoint.


Many of those who competed in the first event last month returned, perhaps buoyed by their previous positive experiences, and the stunning weather that greeted them.  Along with some new faces, they wanted to see if their late summer form could be turned into victory on the testing 2.1 mile “International Circuit”.


This evening event was a handicap race of fifty minutes, plus three laps, and was anticipated in lasting an hour.  The peloton was divided into three groups, with the lead group having a two minute advantage over the second, who had a minute and a half over the scratch group. Testing time gaps for the pursuers and not impossible to close, but would they?


The first quarter of an hour of racing was quite calm, as the riders settled in to their rhythm, with Clwb Rasio Mona’s Dave Hughes using his experience to keep the leading group working well together, and out of the reach of the chase groups behind . But then all hell broke loose as the juniors in the second group got a whiff of the embrocation that Twm Bryn was using and picked up their pace. First Jack Williams (Energy Cycles Junior RT) attacked, and Kieran Wynne-Cattanach (Rhos on Sea CC) joined Williams. A short time later Huw Owen (Energy Cycles Junior RT) bridged the gap with apparent ease, and the three took off. Meanwhile the scratch group had become a “train” as they realised they had some excess baggage and catching the groups ahead wasn’t going to easy. Attack after attack mixed with pure speed fractured the  group, with Gerallt Roberts, Gareth McGuinness (both Energy Cycling Club) and Ben Butler (Bangor University CC) doing some impressive turns in attempt to catch their prey. The race had come alive!!


By the time the race was entering its final quarter, the pieces were moving into place. It was only in the final moments we would know how they would be fixed.


The race had taken a distinctive shape, with a lead group, a chase group, a large active bunch, and individuals in between.


The leading trio continued to drive and dug deep to maintain their lead. None of them skipping a single turn, they didn’t want to be caught by messing around. For a short while the baying hounds behind had become a quartet, when they picked up Carwyn Morris (Energy Cycling Club). His taxi ride was short lived and he was ejected, to eventually finish in seventh place. The hounds continued the pursuit of their quarry, with each lap they cut more seconds off the lead, but would the catch be soon enough.


On the bell lap and with the spectators becoming more and more excited with what might or might not happen, the time gap was down to 26 seconds. The leaders pushed on, there was no time for team tactics to be played out now by Williams and Owen to outwit Wynne-Cattanach. It would come down to a sprint, but how many would be sprinting for the line, three or six?


Out of the final curve and onto the pit straight came three riders sprinting on full gas to the line. First was Wynne-Cattanach, on his wheel was Owen, just behind and cramping up was Jack Williams, and it stayed that way to the line. Despite their valiant efforts, six seconds later came the chasing trio, with non-sprinter McGuinness taking fourth, Butler fifth, and Roberts a close sixth. Danny Roberts (Clwb Rasio Mona) in eighth, and Owain Williams in ninth. The wait was now on for the bunch to come to the finish, and yet again the riders produced an exciting finish, with fourteen year old Twm Bryn (Energy Cycles Junior RT) taking tenth with a spectacular lunge for the line. The Best Over 50 Years of Age prize went to Dave Hughes. The Best Over 40 Years of Age prize went to Gareth McGuinness. The Best Ladies prize went to Cadi Jones (Energy Cycles Junior RT). Congratulations to all the winners.


To quote one spectator “What a race, best race I’ve ever seen on Trac Mon, handicapping was judged to perfection, the spectators were comparing it to a stage in the TdF when the break is being chased down by the peloton.” And this was down to the rider’s decision to race…..


On behalf of Wayne, a huge “Thank You” goes to all the riders who took part in a very exciting evening of racing. To Will and Wendy Owen, and Ruth Broderick for assisting with the recording of the placing. To Bethan Jones for helping with the finish line duties. To Thomas Owen and Howyn Roberts for once again producing some very spectacular photos of the evenings racing. To all the spectators who cheered and encouraged the riders throughout. And finally, to Gareth and Mat from Evolution Bikes for generously providing the prizes.


The two events organised by Wayne are the start of things to come, and there will be more races like these during the 2016 season. This will only happen if you and your club mates continue to support these races, because without competitors there is no racing…….Hopefully we’ll see you all next year.


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