Minutes of Club AGM, held on 10th November 20140

The following are the minutes of the Club AGM, held at The Galeri on 10th November 2014. Please read thro’ it all. If you feel that something has not been recorded or recorded incorrectly please let me know asap.

Energy Cycles Club 2014 AGM. 10th November at The Galeri, Caernarfon.

The reasons for an AGM. The Club holds an AGM each year to elect (or re-elect) officials representing the Club and its Members in different aspects of the sport. It is also an opportunity for the Members to discuss what we have achieved in 2014, and what they would like the Club to do for them and the local cycling community as a whole in the year ahead.




Apologies were received from the following members for not being able to attend:

Derek Sayer, David Chidley, Steph Duits, Tom Hutton, and Dylan Roberts.



Club Officials for 2015.

It was proposed that the following members continue in their present roles for the coming year, there were no objections;


Chairperson: Meirion Davies.

General Secretary: John Keightley.

Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Derek Sayer.

Road Race Secretary: Gareth McGuinness.

Marshals Coordinator: Garry Ellis.

Webmaster: Ian Wilmshurst.



Chairpersons Report.

Meirion Davies conducted the meeting bilingually, welcoming the 42 members present and acknowledging that it was a very encouraging turn out. Meirion thanked his fellow officials and Club mates for their hard work and enthusiasm over the last year. He acknowledged the success the Club had achieved both competitively and non- competitively, and in particular the younger members of the Club.



General Secretary’s Report.

By John Keightley


We have a total of 90 paid up members at the end of 2014, an increase of 39 on 2013. The total is made up of 6 female members, 16 juniors (both male & female), 1-second claim member and the remaining being a mix of 18 to 65 year old males.


I feel that the large increase in the number of new members is still down to the members introducing friends to the Club, and the Wednesday evening rides, organised primarily by Garry Ellis, Huw Whyte and Gwyn Arfon Williams and encouraged by many. The senior members bi-weekly Sunday (training) ride from Llanwnda, put together by Geraint Jones and Huw Whyte, remains popular. Though Geraint advised that there were fewer people turning up on Sundays, and at the moment the group was meeting on Saturdays for their rides. It was agreed that the reduced numbers was probably down to “end of season blues”. The junior’s Sunday rides continue to grow, and encourage youngsters from the area to get involved in cycling.  Along with the smaller, self organised group rides. It was agreed that we seem to have most areas covered. The Club continues to grow and the great atmosphere is being maintained.


After the success of last winter’s turbo training sessions, it was decided to continue them for the 2014/15 winter. The Winter Turbo Training Sessions started (6.11.14) at the Arfon Leisure Centre, and enthusiastic 30 riders turned up. These will continue until 26th March 2015, 19 weeks in total.


It was agreed that the 2014 season has been a successful one, probably the most successful in the Clubs history for both for individuals and the Club as a whole. The weather was on our side in 2014, with no events being cancelled or rescheduled. The 30-mile MTT and Fachwen Hill Climbs once again proving popular with riders, as did the new hill climb up from Prenteg.

Members were asked what they would like us to organise next year in the form of time trials? We started with the 30 mile MTT. The popularity of this event was increasing as people became aware of it, and we agreed to hold it again in 2015. The Club was informed that CRM are holding two events on the Gwynant, and a two stage hill climb up to Llyn Marchlyn from the Tea Rooms at Pentir. They would not be holding any events on the Llanberis or Gwynant Passes on Sundays during 2015. Garry Ellis suggested we still hold a Gwynant Hill Climb, but in June. This was agreed to.

Alun Williams asked if we could organise the two stage hill climbs at Drws y Coed and Groeslon again. This was agreed to.

We agreed to organise the 15 mile GCA event, but possible modify the length and start/finish points to suit.

A full list of Club events will be issued during March 2015.

Personally, I was pleased with how well the events went that we organised in 2014. We must have been doing something right, as the number of riders taking part in our races during the season increased on the 2013 seasons. Garry Ellis was thanked for putting together a great team of marshals during the season, because without them we wouldn’t have been able to run the events we put on.


Competitive members were informed that those taking part in time trials (including hill climbs) from February 28th 2015 will be required by CTT to have a working rear red light fixed to their bikes in a prominent location. This includes A & B (Club type) category events. Any rider who arrives at the time keeper/starter will not be allowed to ride in the event. Any Club/organiser who is found allowing a competitor to start without a red rear light will be disciplined by CTT.


Congratulations were given to all the winners of our time trials, and well done to all those who took part, some for the first time. Let’s maintain our competitive hold in the local time trial, and road scene in 2015. In addition, perhaps some of the younger road men could venture further afield to compete.


Club members were reminded that The MA League, and GCA prize presentation night was at The Penrhos Arms on Tuesday 18th November at 8.00pm. A great social evening, and members were encouraged to attend.



Treasurers Report.

By John in Derek Sayer absence.


The Clubs financial affairs are buoyant and stable. John gave members a brief breakdown of the Clubs income and expenditure; the figures were made public to the members at the meeting. Any Club member who didn’t attend the meeting and would like to know the figures should contact Derek for this information.


There are certain things that the Club must pay for each year. These include affiliation costs to national cycling organisations, postage, paper, etc, and the replacement of race equipment, to name a few. John encouraged members to come up with ideas to utilise the money the Club has to the benefit of its members. Please make your suggestions to any of the Club Officials in writing.



Road Race Secretary’s Report.

By Gareth McGuinness


A fantastic suggestion was made for the Club to organise a bunch style race that would start in either Y Felinheli or Parc Vaynol and race up to Llyn Marchlyn. It was suggested that the Club organise it under TLI regulations. The finish would depend on First Hydro’s response to a request being put in to use their roads up to Marchlyn. The details of the event would be looked at and put together by Gareth and Meirion, and will advise the Club members accordingly.


It was agreed that the Wednesday evening rides would be started again once the light levels improved during April. The consensuses that there should be two types of ride be organised from Plas Silyn Leisure Centre. One of the rides would be for new members or those Club members who aren’t regular riders but keen to meet up with others during the week, along with those who want a proper recovery ride. The second group would be for those who want a fast pace/blast and perhaps over a greater distance. This was agreed.


A Thursday evening chain-gang for the Club members was suggested, and will start in April. The meeting place to be confirmed nearer the time, but probably at Llanwnda. Two routes were suggested. The first heading south to Tremadog and back (30 miles round trip) or south west to Llanaelhaearn (or further) and back (21 miles round trip). It was agreed that the Llanaelhaearn option was probable the best as the road is wider and straighter, and this would make riders more visible to traffic.


As a club we don’t have many members competing in bunch type races, though we do have a good number of members taking part in local time trials. The youngsters have been taking part in bunch races, and with some encouraging success. However the older generation is only being represented by Gareth and Meirion in bunch races, this can change. Members were encouraged to talk to Gareth, Meirion or John about these types of races, what you need to be able to race, and learn more about the specifics of this fantastic side of cycle sport. There are members in the Club who certainly have the capability to succeed in road races, and they were strongly encouraged to give it a go.



Marshals Coordinator.

By Garry Ellis.


The second season of organised marshalling went very well. We had no mishaps or accidents during the Clubs events. Garry thanked all those people who helped marshal during 2014. He confirmed that he always had enthusiastic responses to his request for help, both from family and friends as well as Club members. Garry didn’t envisage having problems pulling together people to marshal in 2015.



Club Website Report

By John in Ian’s absence.


Ian Wilmshurst is our Club Webmaster. The site continues to develop with the input from all Club members as well as Ian himself, but he cannot do it on his own. Members should look at the site and see what they think. Ian has designed site for all to see and members to use. It is user friendly, however not everyone is computer literate, so Ian can be contacted (ian@noworriesuk.co.uk) if members need some help working around the site and using some of the features. Please be patient and give Ian time to respond to you requests.


At present the site has a gallery of photos and external information, a club notice board, race results section, to name but a few of the things to be found on the site. Any information posted on the here will automatically be sent thro’ to the Clubs Facebook page.


Once again, the Club thanked Ian for his time spent maintaining the Club site.



Any other Business.


  • Possible 3 Day Spring Training Weekend, away in mid Wales. The idea would be to ride down from Caernarfon to Aberystwyth (approx 75 miles the shortest route) on the Friday. A short ride on the Saturday in the Aberystwyth area. And ride back to Caernarfon on the Sunday. There would be vehicle back up, which would take clothing etc. The finer details of accommodation, costs, and date will be confirmed by Meirion ASAP. A great response was given to Meirion’s idea.


  • Litter Policy. John has had two members of the public e-mail him about Club members discarding food rappers on the road as they have been riding along with other Club members. Please refrain from doing this!! There is no one behind you picking up your litter as happens in the Pro races. It’s also against the law. Please take your rappers home or discard them in a waste bin.


  • Some Club members would love to get out every Sunday for a day long ride, but they can’t due to other ties or commitments. How about some way of arranging a ride that starts early and lasts no more than three hours door to door? The general consensus was that there are always rides on Sundays, for a wide variety of abilities. If was felt that using Facebook to communicate with others members about specific rides and needs was the best way forward.


  • Tim Lloyd of Always Aim High has offered to allow the Club to erect a gazebo at the Etape Eryri 2015. It will be a fantastic way of promoting the Club, and cycling in Gwynedd. Wayne Owen is going to provide the gazebo, and speak to AAH about the finer details of what they are offering us. Garry Ellis suggested that we set up the Clubs competition rollers, and allow members of the public and cyclists to race over a given distance (as seen on the ITV4’s Cycle Show). Alun Williams is to approach a former Club member about returning the soft ware for the competition rollers. John Keightley is to look at “feather flags” to use as promotional purposes on the day, and these could be subsequently used at Club races.


  • David Chidley has asked about what food is best to eat, pre or post training and racing, or on a daily basis for that matter, that would mean that you get the best out of training or racing.  The result of David’s questions, Rob Samuel of Always Aim High has offer to give a talk to Club members. The venue will be the lecture room at the Beacon Climbing Centre, on a day and time to be confirmed by Rob. The cost will be £3.50 per person, and will include endless tea, coffee and lashings of cake. This is to take place during January. Still awaiting confirmation of date from Rob Samuel, will confirm ASAP.


  • Club kit, do we stay with the existing supplier? It was agreed to stay with the supplier. However it was felt that some changes were needed on the kits art work;

a) Garry Ellis suggested that a red dragon or Welsh Flag was incorporated into the design.

b) Geraint E Jones requested that the design of the rear panels on the bib-shorts be looked at and improved.

c) A request for the jerseys to have full length zips was put forward. This will be put to the supplier.

d) A suggestion that future Club gilets should be made out of a Hi Vis material, and have pockets was agreed to. This will be put to the supplier.

e) It was agreed that the Club web address be removed from the Club logo.

f) It was agreed that the letter sizing was modified to suit the changes that have been made to the design.

g) It was pointed out that Clwb Beicio Egni is not a true translation of Energy Cycles Club, and the shop in Llanberis that the Club started from, no longer exists. After much positive discussion it was agreed to change the Club’s English name to “Energy Cycling Club” as this is true translation from the Welsh name. As a result the following was also agreed;


i)                     That the future Club kit would be modified to suit.

ii)                   All future correspondence to official organisations would include the Welsh and English                                    wording of the Club.

iii)                  Associations to which the Club belongs (both locally and nationally) will be informed of the                            modification of the Club name.

iv)                 All Club documentation will include Welsh and English wording where possible.

v)                   The Club web site will be modified where possible to include the new name.


Please note. Points i) thro to v) have been carried out. However Ian Wilmshurst advises the Club that he cannot modify the Clubs e-mail address or Facebook page to suit the Club name change. Therefore these will remain as Energy Cycles.


  • We agreed to have the wording on any Club medals or trophies in Welsh, as apposed to English and Welsh. The reason for this being the size of the medals, and the cost implications for having the medals increased in size and additional words to suit bilingual wording.


  • Are people happy with how the Club communicates information to them? Does anything need changing? Members present were happy with the way and formats in which the Club passed information to them. Therefore E-mail, the Club web site, and Facebook would continue to be used.


  • Membership fees for 2014 stay the same or increase? It was agreed that all membership fees to remain the same, as there was no need for an increase.


  • Club Photo, and write up. John apologised for failing to pull this together. The original photographer was unable to help us because of his own work load. John will approach Thomas Owen to seek his help. The proposed date will be in the early spring, and probable on The Maes in Caernarfon or at the Brynrefail end of Llyn Padarn. Club members will be informed in advance of when and where this will take place.


  • The 2014 Christmas Party. The organiser of the Christmas Party, Chris Evans confirmed that ever thing was going to plan. Chris anticipated 60 members and guests attending, and thanked those who had confirmed their attendance.


  • The Club requires a Press Officer. Just to write a short article once a month to go in the Herald. This would include details of the Clubs success in races etc. Chris Evans volunteered to take on this role. Anyone who would like to contribute information about their race results, or any other Club related adventures to the paper should e-mail or send a message to Chris via Facebook.




It was agreed that the turn out for the AGM was superb and very productive, and appreciation was shown by all attending.





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