Minutes of Club AGM, held on 22nd October 2013.0

The following are the minutes of the Club AGM, held at The Galeri on 22nd October 2013. Please read thro’ it all. If you feel that something has not been recorded or recorded incorrectly please let me know asap.

Energy Cycles Club 2013 AGM. 22nd October at The Galeri, Caernarfon.


The reasons for the AGM. The Club holds an AGM each year to elect (or re-elect) officials representing the Club and its Members in different aspects of the sport. It is also an opportunity for the Members to discuss what we have achieved in 2013, and what they would like the Club to do for them and the local cycling community as a whole in the year ahead. It is a time for planning.


Club Officials for 2014.

It was proposed that the following members continue in their present roles for the coming year, there were no objections;


Chairperson: Meirion Davies.

Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Derek Sayer.

Road Race Secretary: Gareth McGuinness.

Marshals Coordinator: Garry Ellis.

Webmaster: Ian Wilmshurst.

General Secretary: John Keightley.


The evening began with Club member Gwynfor James talking about the Club holding a short hilly time trial as part of the Deiniolen Festival, in mid June 2014. Gwynfor explained that his idea was based on the successful 10 km road running race he’d organised in 2013. The 10 km event would start & finish in Deiniolen. It would follow the roads up to Dinorwig, across to Machlyn, past Cefn Coch Farm and back down to Deinolen. Both villagers and Club members would be responsible for marshalling. The event would be widely publicised to draw riders in from the surrounding areas and closer to home. It was agreed that we would become involved, and that Gwynfor and John would look at finer details of organising the event.



General Secretary’s Report.

By John.

After a rocky start to the 2013, the Club turned itself around financially, membership wise, organisationally and performance wise. The Club cannot rest on what it has achieved this year, we will continue to improve and evolve.


We have a total of 61 paid up members in 2013, an increase of 19 on 2012 (Inc. 28 new members). The total is made up of 8 juniors, 1-second claim member and the remaining being a mix of 18 to 65 year old men. At present, we only have one female member. John felt that more should be done to encourage younger riders to join and develop within the club. He proposed that we start off with weekend rides to teach the youngsters the etiquette and skills required to ride on the roads as a group, and show them the fantastic roads we have here. Then if they were interested, introduce them to cycle racing, and help them progress.


John and other Club members felt that the large increase in the number of new members was down to the Wednesday evening rides, organised primarily by Garry Ellis, helped by Geraint, and encouraged by many. These have been suspended for the winter, and will restart once the clocks go forward in the spring 2014.


The fee for riding at the turbo sessions were agreed. It would be £20 per 10 sessions or £3.00 per session for Club members. And it would be £30 per 10 sessions or £3.50 per session for non Club members. Riders would be encouraged to pay for 10 sessions and in one go. The first 10 sessions will run from 7th November thro. to 16th January 2014. There will be a break at Christmas as The Beacon is closed. The second block of 10 sessions will start on 23rd January and finish on 27th March 2014. Those wishing to make the one off payments for each of the 10 week sessions, must pay on the first Thursday of the block.


The Club certainly has a great atmosphere about it, more so than at any time that John had known it. We now have the organised bi-weekly Sunday (training) ride from Llanwnda, put together by Geraint E Jones. The Winter Turbo Training Sessions have started (7.11.13) at the Beacon Climbing Centre, on the Cibyn Industrial Estate, run by Derek & John. And the Saturday/Sunday Junior rides began in November.


It was agreed that the 2013 season has been a successful one, both for individuals and the Club as a whole. The 30-mile MTT and Fachwen Hill Climbs proved to be a great success with folks, despite the poor weather on the nights involved. Members were asked what type of events we should hold next year, both time trial and road race wise? We agreed to organise the following;


30 mile Mountain Time Trial.

Nant Gwynant Summer Hill Climb.

Fach Wen Autumn Hill Climb.

A Gwynedd  Cycling Association Event.

Tli races, possible three.


Elton suggested that we organise an Audex event. He was to look into doing that and the  proposing of a route.


Some members felt that we should look at organising a sportive type event that would take in the roads of the Llyn Peninsular. A number of members suggested that this would be a major undertaking for a club of our size. It has been left on hold for the time being.


John mentioned to the Club members that it was possible that the Mon Arfon League events would not take place in 2014, due to lack of enthusiasm from some of the riders in other clubs. Once an agreement has been made by the other clubs involved in the League, Club members would be advised if the League would go ahead in 2014.


Personally, I was pleased with how the events (that we organised) went.


Many congratulations to all the winners and well done to all those who took part. Let’s maintain our competitive hold in the local time trial, road and off-road scene in 2014. In addition, perhaps venture further afield to compete.


Members were reminded of the GCA/MAL prize presentation night at The Penrhos Arms on Wednesday 27th November at 7.00pm.



Treasurers Report.

By Derek.

The Clubs financial affairs are buoyant and stable. Derek gave members a breakdown of the Clubs income and expenditure, the figures were made public to the members at the meeting. Any Club member who didn’t attend the meeting and would like to know the figures should contact Derek for this information.



Road Race Secretary’s Report.

By Gareth.

Gareth suggested that the Club looked at organising a road race(s) under TLI or LVRC rules. It was agreed that Gareth, Meirion and John would look at potential circuits for the races to be held on, what distances, sponsors, marshals, etc…. and let the Club members know in the spring. It was agreed that the Club would organise Thursday evening chain-gang training sessions for the Club riders, starting from either Penygroes and heading towards Porthmadog, or from Llanwnda and heading south towards Pwllheli…..These would start in the spring and members would be advised by Facebook, Club site and e-mail.


Clarification was made of where the Club’s official meeting places were for the Sunday rides These being;

  • Llanwnda roundabout car park for Sunday rides, 9.00am start. For details of planned route see Facebook for details each week.
  • The winter Tearoom Rides, 10.00am start from Pentir roundabout.
  • The Junior’s Rides, Saturdays from The Spar on the Maes in Caernarfon, Sundays from Llanwnda roundabout car park, for start times & ride details see Facebook each week.



Marshals Coordinator.

By Garry.

Garry thanked all those Club, friends and family members for helping out on the marshalling duties during 2013. There were no issues raised about the quality of the marshalling as the quality was superb. The Club members thanked Garry for carrying out this very important task.



Club Website Report

Ian Wilmshurst is our Club Webmaster. The site continues to develop with the input from all Club members as well as Ian himself, but he cannot do it on his own. Members should look at the site and see what they think. Ian has designed site for all to see and members to use. It is user friendly, however not everyone is computer literate, so Ian can be contacted (ian@noworriesuk.co.uk) if members need some help working around the site and using some of the features. Please be patient and give Ian time to respond to you requests.


At present the site has a calendar for events (so send your information to Ian or John for inclusion), photos and external information, a club notice board, race results section, to name but a few of the things to be found on the site. Any information posted on the here will automatically be sent thro’ to the Clubs Facebook page.


Once again, the Club would like to thank Ian for all his time spent maintaining the Club site.



Chairpersons Report.

By Meirion.

Meirion confirmed the impressive turn around that the Club has made in 2013, and hoped we would continue in the same vain in 2014 & beyond. He apologised for not being involved as much as he would have liked with the Club during 2013, due to family matters.



Any other Business.

  • It was proposed that we have a Spring Training Weekend away in mid Wales. Aberystwth was chosen. Meirion is looking into this and will come back with his proposal for a venue.


  • It was agreed that the Club did not want a BAR competition in 2014.


  • Club kit, It was agreed to we stay with the existing supplier, even though we have had problems with delivery.


  • Are people happy with how the Club communicates info. to them? It was agreed that Facebook was the main form of communication, however information was still to be sent to members via e-mail and placed on the Club web site.


  • Membership fees for 2014 to stay the same. See Club web site for details.


  • Club photo, write up and press release. To publicise the Club and its success it was agreed that all Club members would meet for group photo (at the Cwm-y-glo end Llyn Padarn), to be taken by Gwynfor James. This would be on a Sunday in late spring, when hopefully the weather would be warm and the sky blue. Gwynfor and John would coordinate and advise members of the suitable date. It was stressed the importance of people committing themselves to this. The write up has been prepared and we just await the arrival of spring.


  • After a few members asked, it was suggested that a number of sessions off “how to maintain your bike at home, and make repairs to it whilst out on the road” would be organised thro’ one of the local cycle shops. This would be things like; replacing brake and gear cables, indexing gears, fitting new chains and to the correct length, replacing brake pads, repairing punctures or replacing inner tubes, plus other handy hints to keep you going out there on the road. Depending on the show of interest, would depend on how many would be held. John wil organise these for the coming winter and let members know the finer details .


It was agreed that the turn out for the AGM was superb, and appreciation was shown. Thanks goes to all those who attended.


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