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Evening All,
Well the weather continues to be the weather, fantastic on Saturday (I hope you managed to get out on two wheels yesterday) and c–p today (I hope you managed to do something?) . At least the grit/salt appears to have been washed away. Lets hope that the late winter/spring means we’ll get an “over due” fantastic summer……
Some race news that I’ve picked up. The Clwb Rasio Mona Tuesday evening time trials are underway and our members have been keeping the Clubs colours at the top of the results sheets. Please take a look at for the results, they may just give you that push you need to ride, train or compete…..
A quick reminder for those who are planning to compete in the Mon Arfon League events. The first one this year is being organised by CRM and is over 10 miles on the D26/10 course starting in Llanfair PG. The first rider will leave the time keeper at 6.30 pm. It’s an entry on the line event, please arrive in plenty of time to sign on etc. Please remember that we require at least five riders to take part or our Club will be penalised points in the overall competition. These events are open to all our Club members to ride, hope to see you there….
Speaking of races. I’ve had our proposed TT and HC events for 2013 considered by North Wales Police, and the majority have been approved. However the officers responsible for  events approval in Gwynedd are concerned that we proposed holding the “30 mile Mountain Time Trail” on a Sunday (original date 2nd June), probably the busiest day of the week on the roads around the Snowdon massif. I feel confident that we will be able to provide the required signage and marshalling that the Police have requested for the event. They are willing to approve the event providing it is held mid-week and out of the national holiday periods. I have looked thro’ the “local” race calendar and I propose that we hold this event on Thursday 13th June 2013. The reason why this date has chosen is because the events held by other clubs in the our area that week are over short distances, and hopefully this will encourage both our own Club members and members from other clubs to come and compete in what will be quite a technical race. I hope this date meets with everyone’s approval, however if anyone can see a reason why we should not hold the event on 13th June then please let me know ASAP. I must advise North Wales Police on or before Friday 26th April of our revised date for this event.
The second race amendment is to our hill climb up from Pen Llyn to the Marchlyn Surge Pool. The original date (4th July 2013) for the Summer Hill Climb was proposed last year, however I have only just noticed that Rhos on Sea will be holding their 15 mile GCA TT on the same date. Sorry that I didn’t pick this up earlier!! Again I’ve looked at the alternative dates available for the event to be moved to and have come up with Thursday 27th June. CRM are holding a hill climb on the Llanberis Pass on Tuesday 25th June and hopefully will  be prequel to ours. After this date the calendar tends to shift towards longer distance events, 15’s and 25’s, and I feel that trying to fit a hill climb of this severity in between longer time trials would discourage riders to undertake this challenge. Again I hope this date meets with everyone’s approval, however if anyone can see a reason why we should not hold the event on 25th June then please let me know ASAP.
Okay enough from me.

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