Tuesday, 2nd June. Mon Arfon League 10 mile TT, Aberdesach0

A quick reminder to everyone, that the second Energy Cycling Club/Mon Arfon League time trial is on Tuesday evening.

The event is once again being held on Aberdesach to Llanwnda and back to Aberdesach course (D20/1).

The distance is 10 miles, and is the fourth event in the Mon Arfon League Series. This series of events is open to all riders, and is a great way of experiencing short distance time trialling.

Car parking, meeting, and signing-on will be in the Aberdesach Beach Car Park, off the A499, Llanwnda to Pwllheli road. Please keep an eye out for direction signs. Please DO NOT PARK on the approach road to the car park.

Signing on will be from 6.15pm, with the first rider away at 7.01pm.

Please note. All riders must have a working rear light fitted in a prominent place facing backwards on their machine. No light, no ride.

All riders under the age of 18 years of age must wear a suitable helmet, made to British Standards. No helmet, no ride.

All riders under the age of 18 years of age who have not ridden a ECC event before in 2015, must bring a signed Parental Consent form to this event. No form, no ride.

Please come along and see if you’ve able to improve on your previous time on this course. All we need now is some half decent weather!!

Hope to see you there…….

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