Daily Archives May 4, 2014

Club Kit 20140

For those members who may still require Club kit, listed below are the items that remain from the 2014 order.

Bib Shorts (L) 1, (XL) 1, (XXL) 2 off.

Long Sleeve Winter Jersey (S) 1, (XL) 1 off.

Long Sleeve Summer Jersey (XL) 1 off.

Yellow Winter Jacket (L) 1 off.

Thermal Gillet (L) 1 off.

Short Sleeve Jerseys (XXS) 1 off. This is a top that was used once. Washed and un-marked. Reduced!!

Time Trial Shoe Covers (M) 2, (L) 2 off.

Track Mitts/Finger-Less Gloves. (XL) 2, (XXL) 2 off.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me on  secretary@energycycles.co.uk and I’ll send you the prices, where you can try them on and collect them from.



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